Tuesday, September 11, 2012


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Leo is walking! It's been coming for the past month or so, so I've been preparing for it..but I didn't expect it to just happen practically overnight! He went from just cruising and holding on to Mommy and Daddy and walking to just walking around the house, holding his blocks like it's nothing. It's bittersweet. My little man is growing up and getting big! Yet, my sweet little baby boy is no longer a baby and is officially a toddler. Noooo!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Harp Diapers Review & Giveaway!!!

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As promised, I am finally posting another giveaway for diapers. This time, it's from someone I actually know and trust and have come to know as a friend. Not only that but the diaper is actually functional!

Deborah is the lovely mama behind Harp diapers, which is named after her adorable baby girl.  She's been  sewing her own diapers since she found out she was pregnant.  After she and I both had an extremely bad experience with another WAHM, she decided to open up her own online store to sell her cute, functional, and fully customizable diapers. Instead of pocketing the money she makes from her sales, all of the money goes into a savings account for her daughter.  Since she is a single mom with no support from the father, she plans for her daughter to have every opportunity available to her without any financial set-backs.  So when you order a diaper from her, know that you are helping to allow a beautiful baby girl to have money for college!

With her awesome prints, I was itching to buy a diaper from her for months but, luckily, I held out until she ordered my absolute favorite Snoopy print ever and I just could not resist any longer!  My first diaper was a hybrid fitted diaper, which has a fleece core making it virtually leak-proof for a couple of hours.  I was a little skeptical since I had never used a fitted before, I honestly thought they were pretty pointless since they aren't waterproof.  
She not only makes custom and pre-made diapers but also creates a ton of other things.  She is one creative person (I'm extremely jealous of her skills!).  She makes cloth wipes, blankets, hats and scarves, bibs, jewelry, mama cloth, and more.  Basically, if you name it, she can sew it.  I'm completely serious about ANYTHING you name, she can make.  Someone custom order diapers...for their dog.  
Look at these custom throw pillow covers!  Once I actually buy throw pillows, they will be a must-have for me!
And here are the doggie diapers!
I have this 100% wool sweater that was accidentally put in the dryer. It no longer fits me and would only fit a 12 year old so I'm contemplating asking her to turn them into longies or soakers for Leo.  Since I couldn't sew anything if my life depended on it, I'm glad I know someone who could do it and wouldn't charge an arm and a leg for it!

Finally, what you've all been waiting for, the giveaway prize!!  Deb is offering one person the chance to win the twin to this adorable Charlie Brown AI2 diaper!  There are only two of this exact diaper in existence.  I own one and you'll (hopefully) be the lucky one to own the other!!  

It is very hard to get a good action shot with a baby who likes to constantly be on the move!

The fit on her diapers is great!  There are four rise snaps and Leo is on the second to the top (on all of his other diapers, he is on the last row), which means he still has plenty of room to grow on the rise.  The elastic on the legs is super stretchy and gently so never leave red marks, which makes me happy since I know he's comfortable in the diaper.  And, since the diaper is lined in super soft minky fabric, I know his little butt is nice and dry (and it doesn't stain, yay!).  I'm pretty sure Leo thinks this particular insert is a stuffed animal; he enjoys hugging it and rubbing it on his cheek. Also, I love that she matches the top material of the insert with the inner material of the diaper; this means I can never mismatch inserts.  She also did this with my fitted diaper, which had an adorable and soft microsuede inner with stars and moons.  I need to order some extra inserts so I can actually use this as an AI2, or I can just line it with bamboo inserts.  However, this is his favorite diaper to poop in so I haven't been able to actually use it as an AI2 anyway!

See, no gaps and it leaves no red marks!!
In a very short time, these diapers have become my favorite diapers.  I'll be ordering more when I have more money and, hopefully, whenever I have another baby, I'll be able to order some cute newborn diapers from her.

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