Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time to lose the baby weight

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I've finally started to work on losing my baby weight.  I know, Leo is already 6 months old so it's a little late to be starting but, better than never, right?  Anthony and I both decided we're tired of being fat!  I mean, neither of us are obese, I guess, but I could definitely stand to lose a few (more than a few) pounds!  Plus, it's time for me to buy new jeans.  If I buy them now, I have to buy the next size up...if I lose just a couple of pounds, I'll be find in my pre-baby weight jeans.  I'd love to lose more but who knows if that will really happen.  I am addicted to all things sweet and chocolately AND I work at Panera so you can only imagine how hard it is to resist.

It's Day Two of our workout regime but I feel awesome.  I forgot how good it feels to run for half an hour and feel totally energized.  Here's to hoping we can keep this up!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The In-Laws Are Here!

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Leo's Baptism is this weekend.  Yay!  Okay, to be honest, we're really doing the whole Baptism thing to please the grandparents.  Neither Anthony nor I are very religious.  While I do plan on teaching Leo that God exists, I'm not going to be the type of parent who forces my child to believe in something he may not necessarily actually believe in.  My mother forced us to go to church and I think it only hindered my beliefs.

Anyway, Anthony's mother, her fiance, and two of his cousins are all staying over in our small, two bedroom apartment.  It's hectic!  I don't like it.  Not because I mind people staying with us but it's just the fact that they are loud and obnoxious at times.  If we had a huge house, it wouldn't be so bad.  But, right now, Leo has to sleep in our room which means that I can't even pee in my own bathroom..I have to use our guest bathroom.

At the same time, I feel bad for my Mother-in-Law, who desperately wants Leo to like her but he's in this separation anxiety stage where he literally only wants to be held by me.  The second I hand him off to anyone else (except Daddy for short periods of time), he screams.

Luckily, they are only here for a few days and then things will (kinda) be back to normal!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I've been lagging

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Well I've been SUPER lazy with my photo-a-day challenges!!
I haven't taken ANY pictures lately.  I've decided that I'll just post a super long picture post tomorrow for all of the pictures from the past week!!! I took a couple of pictures today but I always pull out the camera when it's dark outside.  I'm supposed to take a picture of the sky...for day 5 or something!...but I can't take a picture of a dark, yucky sky!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I don't know who's idea it was..

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To put an air conditioner vent directly underneath this computer desk.  I'm sitting here in the IC (kind of a huge computer/work study lab at school), in a private study room..pumping.  Since I don't think many 18-20 year old college students would be okay with seeing this, I sit all alone in a room with my back to the windows so nobody can see me and I do homework on the computer station in the room.  Most of the time, it's fine.  However, in this room, it sucks.  There is an air conditioner vent directly underneath  me and I am FREEZING.  First off, who's idea was it to put the AC on in February, in Chicago, when our school is literally ON the lake?  It's never hot by the school since we always have a "breeze" (Breeze is an understatement, my car door was almost blown off one day!).  It is cold...also an understatement.  And second, who would put a computer directly over a vent? In case you did have the heat on, it would just cause the computer itself to overheat! 

If you're wondering why our school puts vents on the ground, it's this whole concept that they only heat and/or cool the floors to a height of about 6 ft.  Since nobody is walking around in the space at the top of the ceiling, it's pointless to care if it's hot or pointless to heat or cool it and waste energy.  Overall, the building is pretty cool because of that, along with the fact that the blinds are light activated so that they close when the sun would be in your eyes...and the walls are all windows.

Anyway, I realize that I'm a little behind on my Photo-a-Day challenges!  I haven't had time recently, plus it was our anniversary last night so we opted for a movie.  We were going to go out for dinner but my mom missed the memo that it was our anniversary and decided to make dinner for us.  It was a nice gesture I guess but, still, everyone wants to have a special anniversary!!  I'll try and post something tonight after I get off work, we'll see how I feel in terms of exhaustion!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I've got a bad case of the Mondays!

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Normally, I treat Mondays like any other day.  I mean, I work ALL weekend, all the time, so Monday is never a snap back into reality.  Actually, I was talking to a girl at work the other day and I realized that I never, ever get a day off.  I may not work one day but I go to school, which despite what many people say, is still work.  If I don't have school, I have to go to my job.  And after I'm done with either, I have a baby...which everyone should know is also a job in and of itself.  Let's just say...when school ends this semester, I will be taking some much needed personal days with friends!!! 

Anyway, today is an exception to my normal rule.  This Monday is awful.  Despite the fact that I went to bed at 11 pm last night (which is super early in my book), I am exhausted!!!  I had a reading quiz due in Calc which I couldn't do at home because the browser wouldn't work and didn't make it to school early enough to do it!  Luckily, the professor said he knew that most browsers couldn't open it so to talk to him after class to get the points...I was so tired that I forgot to talk to him and I just walked out.  Of course I didn't realize this until I'm all the way across campus in the library.  I could smack myself!

So now I'm chugging my coffee trying to wake myself up for my next class!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Show Me Your Love Photo a Day Challenge: Day 5

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Day 5:
Website you love
If you enjoy laughing, you should visit the site.  It almost makes me want to hang out at Walmart 24/7 just to submit a picture.  However, every time I walk into a Walmart...I soon realize why I never go into Walmarts.  Walmarts here are disgusting, disease ridden places where you go if you want to catch syphilis.  Maybe in other parts of the country, they're cleaner...or maybe they're the only large stores within driving distance..I don't know!

Photo-a-Day Challenge: Day 5

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Day 5:
Your handwriting
Straight from my Organic Chemistry notes.  Aren't you impressed with my drawings?  Haha.

Photo-a-Day Challenge #2: Day 4

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Day 4:
Your feet
I really am not a fan of my feet.  I have awkwardly long toes, aside from my little pinky toe.
I know this picture is a day late.  That's okay!!

If you want to join in on the picture fun, head over to Freshly Simple and see what the next day is!  If you're already participating, leave me a link to your post!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photo-a-Day Chellnege #1: Day 4

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Day 4:
Furniture you love

I'm skipping this one today.  There is absolutely no furniture in our house that I can say that I love.  I bought most of this furniture before Anthony and I met.  Since I was a college student working a measly part-time job and paying for everything on my own, I bought almost everything at Ikea or used off of Craigslist.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy that I bought any of this stuff off of Craigslist...but I just don't love my furniture.  I can say that I absolutely HATE my couches.  They were crappy when I got them used, most of the cushions (especially on the arm rests) were worn down.  Then...our dog decided that he was going to eat the couch cushions on one of the seats.  Then he ate another one...and, again, another one.  Let's just say they are not comfortable because you literally fall into a hole when you sit on them.  Since we never have company (this is partly the reason!), it's not a huge deal.  New couches are on the "important" list of things to buy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Picture Mood Photo-a Day challenge Day 1, 2 and 3

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I knew I was planning to do one of these Photo-a-Day challenges this month.  I started late but found two that I wanted to do.  Not being able to choose which one (I have a little trouble when it comes to choosing things), I just decided I would do both.  So here is my second Photo-a-Day challenge

Day 1:
Celebrity you love
Rachel McAdams.
Not only is she gorgeous but I think she's a pretty great actress too.  That and I LOVE her hair. I have tried (and failed) many times to get my hair to look like that.  I've given up!

Day 2:  First love
I thought long and hard about this one. I thought about posting a picture of me and my first "boyfriend" in first grade.  I used to chase him and kiss him.  For my 6th birthday, he got me a sunflower dress which I wore until I was about 12.  Then I thought I'd put Anthony since we're obviously together and made such a beautiful baby.  But Leo is my true love and definitely the most important man in my life now.

Day 3:
Person You Love to Hate
Rush Limbaugh.
Really, who does love this guy (aside from my super Republican father)?  
Plus he's a smoker.   Hate is a strong word so I cannot say that I "hate" him...but I do strongly dislike him!

If you want to play along, check out the list at Unexplained x2.  If you're doing your own photo challenge, leave me a link so I can check it out!

Daily Photo Challenge: Days 1, 2, and 3

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I may be a little late...but not too late!!

Day 1:
Self portrait
Mind you, this was just after a bunch of classes...and I have yet to shower.  Isn't Leo getting big?!

Day 2: View from my window.
Now, this is not the view from my bedroom.  The view from my bedroom is actually much uglier than this.  This is the view from Leo's room.  Not the prettiest but it does bring in decent light.  Our front window may be the "nicest" view but you don't see much green anyway since it's winter time.  This is what living in Chicago is I guess...I'm jealous of those of you who have open space!!

Day 3:
Where you've slept
No, I do not make my bed.  Ever.  Despite the fact that it makes the room much tidier (I will admit to that!), I believe that it is a giant waste of time and I could be spending that time eating breakfast...or sleeping later.
And yes, the dog is always there in the bed.  They sleep with us.

"30 days of pictures"

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I love taking pictures and I've always been wanting to do one of those "1 picture a day" things. I told myself I'd do it in January...then my point and shoot camera broke. I have my D-SLR to take pictures with but it is very difficult holding one of those cameras with a single hand while trying to focus it and whatnot. It does not automatically zoom in and out and only focuses so much. It's annoying.

Despite this, I told myself that I was going to do it this month. Now it's already the end of the 2nd here in Chicago and I still haven't done it once. I may be putting it off until next month!!

Maybe tomorrow I will just post three pictures and stick to my word.

On an even sadder note, I got a parking ticket already this year!!! For what, you ask? My stupid license plate renewal sticker expired in January. I assumed that the plate sticker expired January 31st and then you were supposed to get a few days grace. I guess not. Stupid police trolling the streets just trying to pass out tickets to make their quotas. If my brother becomes a cop, I'm gonna have to use him.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace GIVEAWAY! Ends 2/23

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Finally, here it is!  The giveaway for a Baltic Amber Teething necklace.
The necklace is made by Hazelaid. The winner will have the choice to choose either the Lemon-drop necklace or the Multi-colored stone necklace. Both are raw amber, 13" baby amber teething necklaces.

Here is the "Lemondrop"

And here is the "Multicolored"
The giveaway ends Thursday, February 23rd at midnight EST!
Also, this necklace was sponsored by me, not Hazelaid so please do not contact them in regards to this giveaway.

Good luck!!

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