Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas (or Happy Hanukkah) everyone!

We just got home from my Italian Christmas party.  It is my favorite part of the holidays and it's basically what I look forward to all year.  I love my Italian side of the family, they are hilarious!  We have a White Elephant game with some fun twists.  So I ended up winning Fanny May pixies this year.  Anthony won nothing, haha! He tried really hard for some SKYY vodka and Captain Morgan glasses but they were stolen from him in the nick of time!  It really stinks that my camera broke today.  It was in my pants pockets and fell out when I took them off earlier, I saw a flash, and now it won't turn on!  First my computer dies and now my camera, I have no luck with electronics!

Here in Chicago, it doesn't even feel like Christmas to me!  Normally by now, we've had snow for at least a month and it's COLD.  This year, we've seen hardly any snow and definitely don't have any right now.  Plus we've seen temperatures in the 50's in the past week, ridiculous!  I cannot imagine how those of you in warmer climates get into the Christmas spirit!  The cold weather and snow just bring it all together for me!

Maybe it's because we didn't go all out for Christmas this year?  We decided that since Leo is so little and doesn't care about presents anyway (plus the grandparents are spoiling their first grandchild to death this year), we'd save money instead of spending it all on each other.  We're trying to start a fund for the very expensive private school education he will be getting if we don't move out of the city, he is definitely not going to a Chicago public school if I can help it.  Besides, the greatest gift for me this year was having a happy, healthy, adorable baby.

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday!  Enjoy spending time with your families tomorrow, I know I will!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Mommy, Sad Wallet

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Lately, I've been on this buying spree.  I can't seem to stop.  It is awful.
I've bought myself a Digital SLR camera, two ring slings by Sleeping Baby (and I have my eye an on GORGEOUS Sweet Pea one), an Ergo, Ecosprout detergent, some teething/nursing necklaces, and other crap. I can't even remember everything I've bought.

Oh god, I've become an alcoholic.  Okay...I just typed alcoholic and meant to say shopaholic. I figured I'd keep that in there (see, I am exhausted!)  I don't even know why I keep buying this stuff! Do I need it? No. I do not need it.  I just want it.  This is awful.  After this, I'm having Anthony change the password to my paypal account and I'm handing him my debit card.  I'm going to unsubscribe myself from my Co-op page so that I can't see all the good deals I'm missing out on.  And I'm going to try really hard to stop checking Babyhalfoff and babysteals.  I'll have to stop looking at my favorite cloth diaper website (and their facebook page..they keep posting amazing deals).  I'm seriously going to be asking Anthony for a weekly allowance (maybe 20 bucks a week) for the next few months.

I just need to buy one more thing.  I found a Didymos wrap for like 10 bucks.  10 bucks for a wrap that normally costs 100+.  I will never find that deal again.  After that, I am seriously done.

Most of this stuff will just have to go under the Christmas tree.  Maybe I'll have Anthony wrap up that Didy and save it for me for my birthday.  It's all the way in July but he could give just that to me for my birthday and I'd be happy.

Has anyone else been on a shopping spree?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kebbie's Diaper Bag is looking for bloggers

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Kebbie's Diaper Bag is looking for bloggers to review their products!  I found it funny that they were looking since I just bought a diaper from her recently!  Their customer service is wonderful!  I've been contemplating buying their wipe cubes for awhile now!

I've found that finding giveaways when you're a new blogger is very hard!  I've been working hard to try and get more followers and more traffic to my blog and to my giveaway. It hasn't been awful but I definitely need more!

If you're interested in becoming a reviewer for Kebbie's Diaper Bag, head over to Midnight Mommy and apply to become one!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I am exhausted

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Thank goodness finals are almost over.  I only have Organic Chemistry left on Friday.  I am so exhausted though!  Trying to study, write a paper, take care of Leo, and work all weekend has definitely taken a toll on me!

I wish I had started the paper earlier...and that I had started studying for my Calculus final earlier!  Then again, I say this EVERY year.  I am the world's worst (actually best) procrastinator.  Every year, I say I'm not going to procrastinate...but, every year, I am in the same boat.  But, I can say that I AM studying early for Orgo.  It will not be an overnight cram session mainly because other students are getting together with me for study sessions.

I will be so happy once finals are over and I can finally sleep, at least a little! Having a 4 month old doesn't really allow for it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bad luck-Post 2

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So remember I posted about my horrible luck?  Well, it doesn't stop!  My computer died.  Now, my computer dying is no big deal to me...I can live.  But, OF COURSE, it breaks the week before finals.  I have a paper to write due a lot of studying to do in between. 

Luckily, my little sister just bought herself a Mac.  (Lucky her, she doesn't have a job and can afford to buy herself a mac!!!  I guess that's my trade-off for having an apartment, five animals, and a baby!)  Since she just bought herself a new computer, she gave me her old laptop.  Only problem is, this laptop is, quite literally, falling apart!  The entire screen is falling off.  I have to keep it on a table or else it just plops backward, haha!  I will be bringing my laptop into Best Buy tonight to get it sent in and fixed.  Thank goodness I bought the service plan on it so I won't have to pay for it.

I guess I should count my blessings, right?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Diamond Candles Campaign!

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Diamond candles aren't just any typical candles. Not only are they great smelling and beautiful soy candles but every candle has a ring worth anywhere in between $10 and $5,000 inside. Unbeknownst of what surprises may lie wrapped in that tell-tale gold foil, burning a Diamond Candle is the adult version of a Cracker Jack box. I guarantee you will wait patiently by that candle for hours until you can finally pull out the ring!

 Intrigued?  Diamond Candles is hosting a campaign for bloggers!  It's a wonderful opportunity for you to potentially have the chance to review a reveled Diamond Candle.  Head over Celebrate Today to learn how to apply!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby Amber Teething Necklace Review and GIVEAWAY!

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Mary Ellen is a formerly single mom to two beautiful daughters.  While she was pregnant with her second daughter, Donna, she began to look into prices of baby wraps and carriers.  After a lot of research, she found that it would be much cheaper to create her own!  When baby Donna started teething at two months, Mary Ellen was appalled at the prices other retailers charge for amber teething necklaces.  Again, Mary Ellen decided that it would be cheaper (and more fun) to make these herself!

After both she and her husband found themselves out of work just recently in November, Mary Ellen decided to start her own Etsy shop to help provide some extra income!  She also has a shop on her facebook page.  Not only does she make custom baltic amber teething necklaces but she also makes quite a few items that Mommy's need on a daily basis: minky (and non) cloth diaper covers and pockets, burp rags, blankets, taggie blankets, hair bows, nursing covers, car seat covers, Moby-type wraps, and Mei Tai's.  You name it and she can probably make it!  Since she creates these all on her own, she's able to keep costs down to help save others money.  Everything she sells is made to order and is customized however you like it.  You pick the print(s) and can even have your items customized with your baby's name. 

I recently had the opportunity to review a Baby Amber Teething necklace from Dear Baby Donna Creations on Etsy.  I remember wondering exactly why her necklaces were a quarter the price of other teething necklaces, so I messaged her.  Her reply was just that she's a mom and wants to help other moms.  She's not into looking for a huge profit, just barely enough to cover what she spends.

Luckily,  I stumbled upon her store by accident and promptly picked up a baby amber teething necklace for Leo.  I knew I wanted a multi-colored but I have never seen a store that offers a multi-colored stone amber teething necklace.  I really loved both so asked her to surprise me.  She was in constant contact with me from the day I ordered.  She messaged me the day I purchased the necklace to tell me she received my order and asked for Leo's neck size.  She also messaged me when the necklace was finished and in the mail.  I love that personal touch! And I received it only 3 days after I ordered it. 
I was extremely happy with the necklace she sent me.  It's well made and you can really tell it's made with love.  I personally love the heart shaped magnet she uses to fasten the necklace instead of a screw or lobster claw; Anthony wasn't a big fan of it since he says it makes the necklace look more "feminine". Then again, he gives me glares when I put him in a black diaper with red hearts on it too.  I'm sorry if I don't let colors and hearts determine what my son can wear. 

Before getting this necklace, Leo was having a really hard time with teething.  He would wake up about half an hour after putting him down for bed and cry.  This pattern would continue for the rest of the night.  During the day, he'd fuss all the time and would constantly have his whole fist in his mouth to relieve himself of the pain.

After receiving the necklace, I put it on him and I was extremely anxious to see results right away!  Mary Ellen reminded me it would take at least a few days for the oils to absorb into his skin and take effect.  Now, about a week later, I do see results.  It is not a miracle cure and will not make teething painless but it does help him quite a bit.  He now goes to bed right away and wakes up maybe only once during the night to eat!  He chews on his hand less throughout the day and has been smiling more than he has been since this teething ordeal started.

 It was really hard to get a picture of him wearing the necklace.

He does look awfully cute wearing it though!  I was slightly worried that the magnet wouldn't be strong enough and that Leo would be able to just pull the necklace off.  I was reassured when I received the necklace and found that the heart magnet was strong.  I had trouble opening it at first.  Now it's easier to get on and off since I'm used to it.  As you can tell, the necklace fits him perfectly now at 4 months old.  I will be ordering another necklace in a couple of months!

Buy it: You can buy your own amber teething necklace for 8.99 plus shipping at Dear Baby Donna's Creations.  She also sells Mei Tais, blankets, etc all at reasonable prices.  Check out her facebook page for her Christmas gift set where you get a custom blanket, 2 burp rags (or a Taggie blanket in lieu of the blanket and burp rags), a diaper (or diaper cover), an Amber teething necklace, and a Mei Tai all for $65! 

Win it: Mary Ellen has generously offered one lucky winner their own personalized teething necklace!  The winner can pick out any colored stones for their necklace in whatever length is needed.  Enter in the rafflecopter form below.  The giveaway will end December 22nd at midnight CST.  She also has her own personal giveaway ending on December 25thgoing on for a $40 gift card plus $10 gift cards.  There are multiple winners and one person can win twice!!  Rules for her giveaway are here.

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