Friday, December 21, 2012

I hate the Holidays

Posted by Melinda C at 2:28 PM
I can't be the only one, right? To me, it's just a giant pain in the butt. We have to go out and buy a tree, I have to decorate it, then I have to clean up the house for guests, and clean up after the tree, and then, when it's all over, I have to clean again. I hate cleaning, with a passion, so the Holidays just means I get to do something I hate for my entire winter break. I thought my winter break was supposed to be a relaxing time off from school. I'm always wrong! And you'd think that Anthony would be willing to help me, right? Wrong! He's always "too tired" after coming home from work. Don't you think I'm tired after running around after a toddler who's learning how to run, climb on the oven, desk, etc, as well as color on EVERYTHING with pens he finds who knows where, and cooking and cleaning? Plus, I am the only one who actually walks the dogs, while carrying the toddler on my back. Plus, he's bragged before about how all he does at work some days is watch netflix on his computer. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? And you want to tell me you're so exhausted when you come home that you can't even take out the garbage?!?! Not only do I have to clean but I have to go out and buy gifts for people with money that I don't actually have. I never know what to buy people! Of course, there are things that I know people would really like but they're always way out of my price range. Luckily, my sister and I agreed that we would just put a small cap on gifts for each other this year. We decided a ten dollar limit would be just fine for something small and cute. However, I went over the limit with her a little because I found something for $15 that is perfect for her. I can't even buy the gifts for Leo that I would like (a year long pass to the children's museum) so I think I'm going to end up selling some of my baby carriers to fund it. And to top off my Christmas Hell, we have to do Christmas at our apartment. Nevermind that my parents have a huge house with a full kitchen and a nice dining table that sits at least 8-10 people, and even more if you add all of the extenders to it. We have a pretty large apartment, but not large enough to comfortably fit 8 people plus Leo's highchair. Our table sat 5 people at Thanksgiving, and that was it. Leo couldn't even sit at the table, his chair was a little off to the side next to me. Oh, and since we're hosting, we're cooking...which means we have to buy all of the food. How is this fair?!?! I just cannot wait until January, when things will be back to normal and I can breathe and take a nap or something fun like that.


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