Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Am Successful

Posted by Melinda C at 5:10 PM
Recently, I was asked what it means to be successful.  Of course, I naturally thought that being successful meant that you had a lot of money, nice cars, a nice house, etc.  But, after I thought about it, I realized that success may have a little to do with money but not everything.  I have not succeeded in everything that I want in life but I am successful in many things.  People take too many things for granted so I am determined to make sure that I take nothing for granted in my life.

I have succeeded in coming this far in school while being a mother.  I know I will get my degree and even go on to further my education.

Even though my job sucks and is nothing more than just an hourly minimum wage job, I am successful at it.

I have been successful at being a mother and showing my son the things I value in life and would like him to value as well.

We're certainly not rich, we have no savings because, well, we are bad with money, and things just keep coming up!  We don't have an amazing, new car but it drives and it's safe.  We don't have our own home but we do have a really decent apartment.  We don't get to take great vacations to beautiful beaches but we do get to spend a family day at the lake.  

We both get to see our son every day and spend time as a family.  We get to have food on the table every day, even if it has to be takeout because we are too tired to cook.  

We are happy...so I'd say that's pretty successful in itself.


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