Saturday, July 6, 2013

We Went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire!

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Today was opening day for the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin.  My uncle invited us to go along with him, claiming that opening weekend is the best time to go, so we decided to go on a whim (this morning!).  Anthony had to work so I took Leo by myself, which scared me a little.  I'm pretty used to being alone with him but not for a whole day away from home.  It wasn't so bad, haha!

 Leo tried beignets for the first time.  He thought they were alright but much preferred the powdered sugar.  He licked all of it off of my beignet and then continued to dip his fingers in the sugar to eat it. It even came to the point where he was licking it off the table.  Addicted much?

He also went on his first "amusement park" ride today.  He seemed like he would be okay and I thought he would enjoy it with his friends.

 Everything still seems okay!

 Then, everything changed!  They had to stop the ride to get him off.  Maybe next year little man!  It's too bad we already bought tickets to Knotsberry Farm for our LA trip at the end of the month.  I don't think he's going to enjoy any rides.  Hopefully riding with Mommy or Daddy will make it better!

 Luckily I brought the stroller!  We babywear most all of the time, so much that this stroller had dust and cobwebs on it when I pulled it out this morning!  We haven't used it since last summer, when we bought it insisting that we would jog with it (hahaha to that).  Anthony insisted that I wouldn't need it and that I could just wear Leo but I figured I'd bring it *just* in case.  He didn't want to be worn because he was just too hot!  The stroller allowed him to get a good hours nap.

I did see quite a few babywearer's though, which is great!  I hardly ever see any but I saw at least 10 today so that makes me happy!

 He woke up feeling nice and refreshed!
 We saw some camels!  We didn't ride one because Leo was still too small.
 And saw the "Aerial Fairy".  There are always a lot of men watching her shows!
 Leo felt the need to take a selfie.
 Leo definitely enjoyed spending time with the girls.  It was great to have them around to run after him everywhere.

 And he finally had his first pony ride!  Of course, I had to take multiple pictures.  He was a little scared at first but had fun once I started to say, "Horses go ba-boom-ba-boom-ba-boom", which he would then repeat.  He also learned that horses say "Neigh!" so we repeated that during the whole ride.  Hopefully he will love horses as much as I do!

We're planning on going again later this summer with Anthony.  I'm curious to see how Leo will react since he'll probably remember having gone!  I'm hoping we get to sit down to watch some shows and listen to music next time!

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