Monday, September 12, 2011


Posted by Melinda C at 2:26 PM
Since I've been really bored this past month being at home alone with Monkey, I've been entering in a lot of these giveaways online.  I guess I could be doing something more productive with my cleaning the apartment or something but I figure, maybe one day I'll win something.

Well, I have yet to win something but I'm crossing my fingers.  And I'm trying to get this whole blog thing started so that maybe I can start doing giveaways of my own.  I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to setting up a blog much further than this.  If anyone ends up reading this and you know how to set up a blog, then please help me!  I'm so lost!

Here are some giveaways I recently entered in.  Enter yourself and maybe you'll have good luck and win.  Let me know if you do!

I entered in a Romanico's chocolate box give-away by Susan's Disney Family.  I am a chocoholic so of course this one would catch my eye.  I think Monkey's dad is a little tired of me sniffing out all things chocolate and eating it before he gets a chance to have any.  To be fair, he never wants it until it's all gone!!

I entered in a giveaway for a Eureka vacuum.  The last time I bought a vacuum was on Black Friday two years ago...and with all of the dog and cat hair we have in our house, it's basically dead after sucking up so much hair!  So I recently "borrowed" (stole!) my parents older Oreck vacuum.  It works well but needs bags in order to work.  Plus, they came over the other day and noticed I had it....they want it back!


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