Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm tired of unanswered texts and calls!

Posted by Melinda C at 10:06 AM
I don't know if your parents are like mine, but if they are, they are the type to call you at the most inconvenient times.  They like to call when I'm at work or when I'm in class..or, even worse, at 2 am when I'm trying to sleep.  I don't know why they do this because I have a pretty set schedule, so I'm in the same place every single Monday at the same time.  It wouldn't be so bad if they just called once, but they don't.  If I don't answer, I get multiple calls.  And I'm not talking like 1 or 2, I'm talking like 11.  Yes...eleven.  Eleven calls within a matter of 15 minutes is a little excessive.  After that, they start to text me.  If I weren't 22, they'd probably call in the National Guard thinking I was a missing person.  Just last week, I came home to my mom (who was babysitting the monkey) crying because I was half an hour late coming home from class and she had run out of pumped milk and thought I was dead. 

However, I found the solution to my parents' craziness with the Moby App.  The application, which can be downloaded on your iphone, blackberry, or Android phone(not available yet but coming soon), allows you to track family members and friends.  Users are able to let their friends and families know their location, check-in to places, and even alert people that you need help.  Unlike other programs that allow you to let others know your location, the Moby app allows you to let only certain people know where you are (so yay! to no stalkers) and for a certain duration.  While this may not be great for teens who never want their parents to know where they are or for affairs, it does prove to be useful for the most part. 

Right now, if you head over to Between the lines, you can enter to win an Ipad 2 from Moby!


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