Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Mommy, Sad Wallet

Posted by Melinda C at 12:48 AM
Lately, I've been on this buying spree.  I can't seem to stop.  It is awful.
I've bought myself a Digital SLR camera, two ring slings by Sleeping Baby (and I have my eye an on GORGEOUS Sweet Pea one), an Ergo, Ecosprout detergent, some teething/nursing necklaces, and other crap. I can't even remember everything I've bought.

Oh god, I've become an alcoholic.  Okay...I just typed alcoholic and meant to say shopaholic. I figured I'd keep that in there (see, I am exhausted!)  I don't even know why I keep buying this stuff! Do I need it? No. I do not need it.  I just want it.  This is awful.  After this, I'm having Anthony change the password to my paypal account and I'm handing him my debit card.  I'm going to unsubscribe myself from my Co-op page so that I can't see all the good deals I'm missing out on.  And I'm going to try really hard to stop checking Babyhalfoff and babysteals.  I'll have to stop looking at my favorite cloth diaper website (and their facebook page..they keep posting amazing deals).  I'm seriously going to be asking Anthony for a weekly allowance (maybe 20 bucks a week) for the next few months.

I just need to buy one more thing.  I found a Didymos wrap for like 10 bucks.  10 bucks for a wrap that normally costs 100+.  I will never find that deal again.  After that, I am seriously done.

Most of this stuff will just have to go under the Christmas tree.  Maybe I'll have Anthony wrap up that Didy and save it for me for my birthday.  It's all the way in July but he could give just that to me for my birthday and I'd be happy.

Has anyone else been on a shopping spree?


Nagisa konuma said...

Yes I have also. Dont get me started on what ive bought in the past couple of months because I honestly don't remember everything. There are about 10 shopping bags outside my bedroom door at the moment, from today! I need help seriously I've been the money management one and lately I haven't been on top of it

Angela and Aaron said...

I am totally with you on the buying spree. For me though it has been the cosmetics sale at CVS lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, I am following you back now :-)

May said...

My shopping spree is starting today and i will sure spend wisely. There are lots of beautiful things this holiday season. So if you don't take time you empty your wallet. Merry Christmas in advance..
I'm already your blog follower..

Ai Sakura said...

dear oh dear... hope spree stops after Christmas!! haha..

thanks for dropping by. following u on GFC and later I'll pop by Gplus to add ya. keep in touch and join my weekly Wordless Wed party when u can :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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Golden-Charm said...

Thanks for following on G+ and GFC. I'm now following you as well :)

Kathryn said...

thanks for following me, returned the follow :) I like shopping too.

Christy Ann said...

I've got the same problem! Instead of buying gifts, I just keep buying for myself! I'm a new follower & subscriber from the Newbie Hop, you can visit me at Hardly a Housewife:

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