Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Melinda C at 12:20 AM
Merry Christmas (or Happy Hanukkah) everyone!

We just got home from my Italian Christmas party.  It is my favorite part of the holidays and it's basically what I look forward to all year.  I love my Italian side of the family, they are hilarious!  We have a White Elephant game with some fun twists.  So I ended up winning Fanny May pixies this year.  Anthony won nothing, haha! He tried really hard for some SKYY vodka and Captain Morgan glasses but they were stolen from him in the nick of time!  It really stinks that my camera broke today.  It was in my pants pockets and fell out when I took them off earlier, I saw a flash, and now it won't turn on!  First my computer dies and now my camera, I have no luck with electronics!

Here in Chicago, it doesn't even feel like Christmas to me!  Normally by now, we've had snow for at least a month and it's COLD.  This year, we've seen hardly any snow and definitely don't have any right now.  Plus we've seen temperatures in the 50's in the past week, ridiculous!  I cannot imagine how those of you in warmer climates get into the Christmas spirit!  The cold weather and snow just bring it all together for me!

Maybe it's because we didn't go all out for Christmas this year?  We decided that since Leo is so little and doesn't care about presents anyway (plus the grandparents are spoiling their first grandchild to death this year), we'd save money instead of spending it all on each other.  We're trying to start a fund for the very expensive private school education he will be getting if we don't move out of the city, he is definitely not going to a Chicago public school if I can help it.  Besides, the greatest gift for me this year was having a happy, healthy, adorable baby.

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday!  Enjoy spending time with your families tomorrow, I know I will!


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