Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diamond Candles? What?!

Posted by Melinda C at 12:15 PM
So I read a review/giveaway for Diamond Candles on Momma Told Me.  When I read the title from her email, I said to myself, "Diamond candles? What?!"  I had no idea what a diamond candle would be.  Maybe just a candle with sparkles in it so it "shines"?  Upon reading the post, I found out that there are actual rings inside the candle.  Crazy right?  So I assumed the rings were all just cheap rings you'd find in any gift shop.  Turns out the rings can actually rang in value from $10, $100, $1000 and $5000.  Granted, it's probably very, very rare to find a ring in your candle that's worth 5 grand but, still, it's like an exciting little game!

I remember we went to the Wisconsin Dells once as kids and my sister and I went to this mining store and sifted around the sand to find gems.  My sister didn't find anything but I did find an actual amethyst.  Of course, since my sister's birthday is in February, I had to give her the stone and we made a necklace for her.  It was fun...but that was when I was a kid of course.  I think I'd look a little weird if I went in there now and did it by myself.  To me, this is almost the same except you're GUARANTEED to find something.  Plus, the candle is only 24.95, which really only means 14.95 since you're definitely going to get a ring worth at least 10 bucks.  Great buy to me!  This is going on my Christmas list =)

If you think you're lucky, enter to win a set of five here on Momma Told Me's blog.  If you're really lucky, you'll win the set of 5 and win awesome rings in each one =)


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