Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life with a Pit Bull

Posted by Melinda C at 2:01 PM
There is a lot of negative hype towards Pits these days.  I think it's mainly the media's fault always showing dog attacks by pit bulls on the news.  They never highlight other dog attacks and, half the time, that "pit bull" wasn't even a pit bull.  People just like to place blame on the easiest target.

If anyone has read my blog before, you all know that I own three big dogs:  one of which is a pure Pit and the other is half.  I tell everyone I own a pit.  I'm proud to be his owner since he is such a great dog.

This is what 95% of Americans think living with a Pit bull is like:
I must be afraid to enter my own house because my own dog will attack me and kill me.  I can never have company over because the dog will attack and kill them.  I cannot own any other dogs because he will attack and kill them.  I cannot have children because he will attack and kill them.  I must keep my dog on a short leash and a prong collar because he will attack and kill.  I must make sure he is caged at all times otherwise he will attack and kill. And last of all, I must get rid of him because he is a pit bull.

This is what living with a Pit Bull is REALLY like (I'll be adding pictures once I load them onto the computer!):

We MUST make sure we get into bed first.  Otherwise, it is taken over. 

We also must get into bed at the same time, otherwise one or the other will have no room to sleep.

Our dogs are best friends and try to cuddle with each other all of the time.

Really, beware of the Pit Bull when you come inside, he will attack you...with kisses.

Also, beware of their backsides, they will release some stinky farts.

Beware of having your blanket stolen.  Doc insists on sleeping under the covers most nights.  

He'll let you play dress-up. And he'll look super cute while you do it.

Beware of drool when he shakes his head.  It really flies.

You really have to make sure you watch him at feeding time, or he will eat everything in site.  Every. Thing.

Watch out for your children, he will just smother them with love.

He's a terrible watch-dog.  He'd let anyone walk into the house.

Anyway, what I'm trying to prove is that people really don't even get to know these types of dogs before they put them on some sort of bad list.  My dog is a great dog, one of the best I've ever owned actually.  I don't think it's fair that he's discriminated against simply because of his breed.  That would be like saying, since the percentage of black men in jail is higher than any other race in jail , therefore, all black men are criminals.  Does that make sense to you?  I didn't think so.  If it does, you have serious racial issues.


Courtney said...

cute post!:) thanks for visiting Me & Bella, and I'm glad you like my nursery! i look forward to reading your blog!!!

- Courtney

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