Friday, November 4, 2011


Posted by Melinda C at 12:05 AM
Has anyone seen that really cute Chrome commercial?  The one where the dad makes an email to Dear Sophie Lee?

If you haven't seen the commercial or have no idea what I'm talking about, please take a minute to watch it here.
It is SO cute.

I love this idea.  My boyfriend and I were recently watching it and we both wished we had done something like that for Leo when he was born. I mean, I guess we could still start it..three months late.  It wouldn't be that big of a deal.  I mainly love it for the idea that I could send videos to myself.  I was pretty good at doing the baby books before Leo was born.  Since he's been here, I haven't really had time to update I keep forgetting.  And you can't add video to a baby book!  Although, I do like the fact that a baby book is something he can hold on to.  He can show it to people and keep it forever. 

My grandma makes these beautiful books for all of her grandkids when they turn a certain age.  She includes pictures of every year of your life from start until she gives it to you.  She leaves extra pages so you can add pictures as the years go on.  She also adds old pictures of the family, which is almost my favorite part.  She started doing it for everyone when they turned 16, then she made it 18, then she made it graduation.  She has a hard time doing it now, especially since she's getting older.  Maybe I'm a little selfish but I'm glad I graduated five years ago because that means she was five years younger.  She still hasn't finished my little sister's, who turned 18 in February and graduated this past June.  I think I'll offer to help my grandma put the book together so we can give it to my sister.

I know it's something I'll always cherish, same with the blanket she knit me when I was a baby, the blanket she knit Leo for his shower gift, and the matching hat and scarf set she made for him.  Plus, it's a tradition that I would like to pass down to my kids and my grandchildren, hopefully it will continue on. 


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