Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why I chose cloth

Posted by Melinda C at 11:34 PM
In health class in high school, we were forced to do a project where we were having a baby and had to estimate all the costs that a baby would bring.  Aside from insurance and rent, I found that diapers would be the most expensive thing a baby would really need.  I mean, you're spending around 30 bucks per week on just diapers alone.  Of course, I hadn't thought about it much back then because I wasn't really having a baby!

However, it never really occurred to me to use cloth on my baby until after I was pregnant and was actually just messing around on Costco's website.  They had a really great deal on GroVia diapers and I thought maybe I'd be interested in buying that package since it was the first package.  Then I actually looked into cloth diapers and was totally overwhelmed by all the different kinds of diapers and brands and prices.  What really helped me was to read reviews on blogs and join cloth diapering forums to ask questions.

I didn't find the reviews or forums until later in my pregnancy.  I wish I had found them sooner!  I ended up buying a bunch of Gdiapers and Kushies only to find out that I hated them.  Now, reading these reviews from blogging mommies, there are a few brands that I do really want to try!

Now I can't wait for the Falling Into Fluff Event that is being hosted soon by Eco Baby Mama Drama!  I'm so excited to read more reviews on fluff so I can contemplate what to buy and where next!  I hope one day to host my own fluff event..once I get more than one follower!


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