Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby #2

Posted by Melinda C at 6:55 PM
I don't get why it's natural for people to constantly ask, "so when are you having baby #2?"  Every time I meet someone they ask if I'm breastfeeding, if he's sleeping through the night, and then when we're trying for another.  It's annoying, especially from my family, they know we don't have the time or money for a second kid right now.

Anthony and I have discussed it many times.  At first, we decided we'd wait around 5 years before trying for number two.  We figured I'd be done with college by then and I'd have a pretty stable job, we'd possibly own our own home.  That would be the ideal situation.  After a few months went by, and some arguments made by family and friends, we decided maybe we'd wait three years before trying for baby #2 (by trying, I mean stopping to not-try..I will never actually try for a baby).  

Today, out of nowhere, Anthony comes up to me and says, "You know, I can see why people want to have another baby."  He said he had a dream that we were getting an ultrasound done and that we were having a baby girl.  He didn't really come out and say it but I think he wants to have another baby soon.  Maybe too soon for me!  I definitely want another baby, I have dreams of it too but I definitely don't want two right now. Maybe after Leo is at least a year old...


Litapples Mom said...

OMG! I'm SO glad I'm not the only one... I get asked by complete strangers if she's sleeping through the night? What an odd question? Does it matter to them?? What are they going to do to help? They have a secret.... The secret to baby sleep... I should do some investigation next time someone asks me. Like seriously, I just met you and you're asking about my baby's eating and sleeping habits?

My kid is 6 months old and outweighs some 4 year olds I know... what do you think lady? Of course she's breastfed... lol xD

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