Monday, March 26, 2012

Friendly Debates with the Danielles: Kids in the delivery room

Posted by Melinda C at 10:06 PM
I never really ever write about anything in particular..usually just whatever pops up in my mind.  I recently came across a post from another blogger about Friendly Debates with the Danielles.  If you read my blog, you should know by know that I'm a super opinionated person so it'll be fun to post my opinion and read other's opinions on certain topics.

Kids in the delivery room?  Yes or no?

Since I've never had kids before, this is a topic I've never really thought of.  When I was younger, I used to think it was disgusting.  Then again, I thought birth in general was disgusting.  However, know that I have a child, I'm all for it depending on the age of the child.  I think it is a great learning experience for young children and I really think that young children would be both proud and excited to be in the delivery room to welcome their younger brother or sister.  However, I really do not believe that a 15 year old boy would want to be in the delivery room with his mother.  For one, I've been 15, they believe birth is gross.  Two, no teenager wants to see his or her mother's genitals.

Even though I am all for it, I don't think I would ever want Leo in the room with me for the actual birth.  I would be fine having him around in the delivery room up until the point where I'm pushing.  When I had Leo, it was an intimate moment for Anthony and I.  Granted we had to have our midwife in the room almost the entire time, it was nice for it to just be Anthony and I and have it be a calm, relaxing least, in the beginning.  My labor was tough so it ended up not being a calming experience after all.

I will say that it would be completely different if there were complications with the birth.  Obviously, kids may get in the way and it may not be the best thing to have them around for that!

Are you for or against kids in the delivery room?  Have you had children present for your own childbirth?

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Litapples Mom said...

I don't think I would really want her to be there, maybe for the begining but have someone take her for a walk or whatever when it came down to the actual delivery, though I have seen on some birthing shows when the younger kids are in the delivery room with mom... I don't think they see things the way we do as adults so even if they did see the actual birth it probably wouldn't bother them all that much, they don't really have the same societal ingrained ideas about such things. I'm sure it's common in other countries too...

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