Friday, March 23, 2012

The Ex

Posted by Melinda C at 5:24 PM
When I was 19, I stupidly dated this guy who was 25 and in the Navy.  He seemed like a good guy, had his own place (which any guy who is 25 should), had his own car, had a job, etc.  He seemed like he was on track.  I probably shouldn't have been dating a guy who was 6 years my senior but I wanted someone mature and it didn't seem like any guys my age were mature (they weren't).

Since he was in the Navy, he lived near the Navy base here in Waukegan.  I live in it was over an hours drive to get to his place.  This was obviously before I had a baby, or even had three dogs, so I used to pack up my one dog, Cheeks, and I'd spend the weekend at his place.  We dated for about 7-8 months and adopted a dog together (my pit, Doc...actually named by said ex!).  I realize now that we were moving way too fast but this is all in hindsight.  Anyway, since I was only allowed to have one dog at my apartment, Doc stayed with him.  Since I stayed at his place so often, I had a ton of clothes there, shampoo, and even my Wii.  He also started to hint that he wanted me to move in and wanted to have a baby.  I did NOT want a baby, I was only 19, still a student...still wanting to live my life, so I said no.

After the 7-8 months we had been dating, things started to change.  He would make excuses for me not to come out for the weekend, ignore my calls, forget to call me back, etc.  He said some girl from work was staying with him while she got back on her feet but I had never had a chance to meet this girl so I was suspicious.  After about a month of this crap, I finally decided to make a trip up to his apartment to just take back my dog and all my stuff since we were obviously breaking up.  He had given me a set of keys to his place about 2 months prior to this.  When I got there, he wasn't home because he was out of town (visiting his other girlfriends family!).  To make a long story short, I found out he was cheating on me and got really angry and texted him.  He called the cops and had me arrested for breaking and entering, claiming that I had stolen the keys to his apartment and let myself in even though we had been broken up for months.

I was released that night as no formal charges were taken.  He called me two weeks later begging for me to go back with him, of course,  I said no but he would continue to text me periodically and call every now and then to see how I was doing.  Come to find out that his other girlfriend is pregnant.  Looking back, there is no way she got pregnant after this guy and I officially stopped dating.  The whole "arrest" happened in February, she had to have gotten pregnant in December.  We never talked after that!

Fast forward about 6 months, I got a ticket for an improper turn on red. I went to the courthouse to pay my ticket and I'm arrested, fingerprints taken, photos taken, and my bond is set to $500 bucks!  The arresting officer only said that the warrant was from Waukegan but couldn't tell me what the arrest was for.  Luckily my parents were with me and posted bail and I headed to a court date in Waukegan thinking it was for a ticket I had gotten over a year prior.

At my trial, I am called up to the bench (all prepared to show my evidence that my ticket was paid, etc) and the Judge says, "You're being charged with breaking and entering and destruction of private property."  WTF?!?!  This was from that same ex who had called the cops on me with his BS story.  After 7 court dates later, I got it taken off my record but I still had to pay a $200 restitution fee and, of course, had to pay my attorney for all 7 of those dates.  I believe it cost me a total of two grand (Yes, TWO GRAND for that idiot) to get it all cleared up!

Obviously, I moved on with my life.  I haven't talked to him since the day I found out his other girlfriend was pregnant (which was long before I got "arrested" at the courthouse).  I've forgotten about him, aside from the fact that I hate his guts and I may just have to punch him in the face if I ever see him.  But what do I see when I check my email this morning?  He's following me on Twitter!!


Litapples Mom said...

Here I am reading through... Thinking... Damn this sounds so familiar... Then WHAM... wtf?? LOL What a jerk face! This sucks sooo bad and then the end? LOL... He's following you on twitter?!?! STALKER MUCH?! You should follow him back and ask for the money he owes you for his lies! Bastard... Men are such douches sometimes.

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