Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Right vs. Wrong Ways of Parenting

Posted by Melinda C at 12:41 PM
I recently went to a local store here in Chicago.  I won't mention the store because it's not really that big of an issue as to what store it was.  Anyway, this store sells baby carriers, cloth diapers, nursing wear, etc; it's the ultimate store for a mama who would generally consider herself a "green, natural parenting" type of mama, i.e. me, for the most part.  I was talking to one of the sales clerks and she mentioned something about co-sleeping, when I mentioned that I do not co-sleep, she gave me this, "Oh....well...".  You know, with that annoying tone that says the person is judging you.  I. Hate. That. Tone.  It is for people who think they're better than everyone else but they're really not. 

In almost every way, I am a natural parenting mom.  I babywear, I use cloth diapers, I am all for natural remedies and I do what I can when it comes to natural fibers and natural toys, etc.  I just don't co-sleep.  If I were to do it, neither Leo nor I would get any sleep what-so-ever.  He refuses to fall asleep next to us and if I even try to get into bed after he's fallen asleep, he wakes up and cries.  It's ridiculous.  He likes his crib, he falls asleep almost instantaneously, everyone gets sleep...everyone is happy!

I don't get why there is this necessity to put a label on what kind of parent you are.  I also don't get why people have to call out others saying there is some sort of wrong way to parent.  I won't go out of the way and say that there is no wrong way to parent because there are plenty of wrong ways to parent but I wouldn't say that there is only one right way.  Just because I don't co-sleep and let my kid cry a little does not mean that I am, in any way, a bad parent.  I am an awesome mom and I know it.  I know Leo knows he is loved and I know he loves me back, isn't that all that matters? 


Litapples Mom said...

I co sleep, but mostly becuase I'm lazy and I don't work or have school so it's alright for us to sleep in which I know she will do if she has breast on demand... But I'm having trouble getting her to sleep in the crib now, and I'm struggling with it mentally more than anything.

I have a girlfriend who co slept with her first and it's a nightmare getting him to sleep on his own now, he's 9 and for the most part sleeps either between his parents or on the floor in their room?

Her second child 1 year now, she puts him to bed with a bottle says 'night night' and he passes out on his own in his crib alone...

I love it when people judge my parenting!!! My kid is the happiest little baby I've ever seen ~ Good enough for me :P Don't worry about it, people judge... Mom's are dicks... You're great ;)

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