Monday, October 31, 2011


Posted by Melinda C at 10:35 PM
I am a big fan of baby-wearing, I have been since day one.  I mean, a stroller and car seat combo were the first things we bought (well, Anthony's mom bought them for us) and the stroller was so big and bulky that I knew I would NOT be lugging those things around with me everywhere we went.  I knew baby-wearing was for me so I set out to buy one on our very, very tight budget.

Since I have never had a baby before and had never even thought about having a baby before I found out I was pregnant, I only knew about Baby Bjorn.  It's the one you see first on all of the end displays at Babies R' Us.  I added it to my registry and it was the only one I added since it's the only one I knew of.  Nobody did buy it for me (I mean, it is a little expensive at 80 bucks!) so I was a little upset that I'd have to buy one on my own. 

I'm actually really glad nobody did waste a precious shower gift on it though, I ended up finding one used on Craigslist (you'll find that I find A LOT of things on Craigslist.  I've pretty much furnished my entire apartment from there for about 1/16 of brand new in stores) for $20.  The woman we bought it from was very nice, she showed us how to use it.  The fabric was slightly worn and faded but still in great condition and it still has a ton of life left in it.  I thought, "Great!  I can't wait to use this once my little guy is born!" And thought I'd be very happy to use it once he arrived.

However, towards the end of my birthing class with Denyse Ffrench (if anyone is from Chicago and you are interested in ever taking the Bradley Method, please take it with Denyse, she is awesome!), she told us about the Moby wrap since she loved it so much.  Per her recommendation, we ended up buying two off of Craigslist so that we could keep one in the car and have one in the house.  At this point, I was still pregnant so I had no idea which of the two carriers I would like more!

Once Monkey was born, I started using the Moby right away since he seemed a little too small for the Baby Bjorn.  Plus, I could carry him in the cradle position in the Moby which I thought he would like more.  He did love being in the Moby, he'd be all squished up in there, comfy as a little bug.  I also love the Moby, it is extremely comfortable to wear and I can adjust it so well.  However, that thing is HOT in Chicago summer weather.  It's super humid and hot here, which means a lot of sweat.  With that Moby on, plus a baby inside, you are sweating up a storm.  Now that it's October (almost November!), I love the Moby because it keeps me warm!  Anyway, I like the Baby Bjorn simply for the fact that it's cooler.  I don't like that it can only be worn on the front, that it doesn't have any support anywhere except for the shoulders really, and that it really won't grow with my baby!  I would continue to use my Moby, except for the fact that I will not be wearing it during the summer again next year...I will just sweat buckets.

I've been looking into buying and Ergo or Beco carrier (on Craigslist, of course!) and have been scouring for giveaways.  Luckily, I found this Beco Carrier giveaway from Shannon on Peace, Love, and Poop.  Of course, with only one day to go and over 2,000 entries, my chances are slim.  I'm crossing my fingers in hope that I will win and won't have to spend money I don't really have!!


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