Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time to lose the baby weight

Posted by Melinda C at 10:23 PM
I've finally started to work on losing my baby weight.  I know, Leo is already 6 months old so it's a little late to be starting but, better than never, right?  Anthony and I both decided we're tired of being fat!  I mean, neither of us are obese, I guess, but I could definitely stand to lose a few (more than a few) pounds!  Plus, it's time for me to buy new jeans.  If I buy them now, I have to buy the next size up...if I lose just a couple of pounds, I'll be find in my pre-baby weight jeans.  I'd love to lose more but who knows if that will really happen.  I am addicted to all things sweet and chocolately AND I work at Panera so you can only imagine how hard it is to resist.

It's Day Two of our workout regime but I feel awesome.  I forgot how good it feels to run for half an hour and feel totally energized.  Here's to hoping we can keep this up!!


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