Sunday, October 23, 2011

In Honor of the TaTa's

Posted by Melinda C at 7:51 PM
I really think this new giveaway train called In Honor of the TaTa's is amazing and it's for a really great cause.  There are over 80 blogs participating, each hosting a giveaway of something worth at least $50 and having something to do with breast cancer awareness.  Since two of my aunts have had breast cancer in the past two years, this is something that really touches my heart.

I encourage you to check out some of these blogs and help support them for this cause, plus you also get the chance to win a bunch of awesome items! Head over to Boobies, Babies, and A Blog to win over $100 bucks worth of items.  It includes a gorgeous awareness bracelet by Charm Factory:

A Cutie for the Cure Cupcake Kit from Cupcake Cuties:

A $25 gift certificate to Fantasy Jewelry Box:
And a $55 gift card to Eden's Fantasies!


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