Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I hate about weather changes

Posted by Melinda C at 9:09 PM
I'm a summer person.  I love sunshine, heat, the beach and everything else that comes along with summer.  As you can imagine, I get pretty down when it starts to get cold.  Despite the fact that I love everything else about fall..the changing colors, the smells, the food, etc...I just cannot stand the cold.  I always tear up a little (okay, not really..but almost!) when I have to put away my summer dresses and pull out pants, Uggs, and sweaters.  Promptly after that, I go turn the heater on!

Normally this would not be an issue but we've had some weird weather here in Chicago the past few weeks.  It got really cold...then the next week weather went back up to the mid/high 70's...right in time for the Chicago Marathon.  It was nice for awhile and then, all of the sudden, it got really cold and rainy.  I thought surely it meant that summer was over for the year and turned the heater up to 75 since Monkey has a little cold.  

But today was a beautiful day!  I'm not sure what the exact temp was but it was in the mid 60s or so.  I was comfortable walking around in jeans and a tank top while wearing my Moby wrap while taking the boys for a walk.  However, after having the heater on for the past few days my apartment is a little on the warm side..uncomfortably warm, not a welcoming warmth.  It's stuffy in here. 

Since I'm the kind of person who always has to sleep with a blanket, no matter how warm or cold it is in the apartment, it means I will probably sweat tonight.  This is why I think the Cooling Mattress pad could do wonders for me!  It would also probably be nice since my boyfriend and I tend to be on opposite ends of the spectrum.  I get cold easily, he gets hot easily.  Then when he is cold, I steal all of the blankets anyway and he's forced to suffer.  We now sleep with two comforters for this reason.  I really think this cooling mattresspad will do the trick though since it helps to regulate your body's temperature throughout the night!

You can enter to win one of these awesome mattress pads over at My Silly Monkey's blog, but hurry up cause it won't be open for long!


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