Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Newborn pictures

Posted by Melinda C at 1:50 PM
I wish I had thought more about what I was going to do about newborn pictures when Monkey was born. Of course, I didn't. I thought I'd just take all the pictures myself and it'd be fine. I mean, I am a semi-pro photography, after all. No...I found that I just don't have the time anymore to take good pictures. Not to mention, I really have no place to take pictures since the lighting in my apartment is just AWFUL.

Of course, we ended up buying the newborn pictures they take at the hospital. They were adorable but I did find that some of the pictures were overexposed so then I had to go back and edit them on Photoshop to my liking.

Now we're getting 3 month pictures of Monkey tomorrow (well, he's not even 11 weeks yet but it's close enough). We're doing it at Olan Mills, so the place you find inside K-Marts and stuff. I've never actually been to one of these places but they're decently priced and we have some great deals. I found an ad in a paper that gives you a bunch of prints in one pose for 10 bucks. Plus they offer "newborn" prints of your baby for free up until 3 months old. Since we didn't know about this offer until recently, I decided to use it for his "almost 3 month" pictures!

Since we're getting pictures done now, I've been really thinking hard about what we're going to dress him in for him to look the absolute cutest. Of course, I found Pink Pumpkin Crochet Studio today.  I couldn't have found it last week to order something or even last month.  I really wish I had found it before he was born, talk about the PERFECT thing for newborn pictures!   By the time I get Monkey in for his 6 month pictures, he'll be way too big for something this cute!

Still, I am entering the giveaway at Adventures in Fluff!  If I win, I'll definitely be pulling out my SLR and taking lots and lots of pictures.  I may have to go and borrow some photo lights from people but I will get some very cute pictures of him in it.  If only I could get my dogs to sit still in a picture with him, then it'd be the absolute cutest picture ever.


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