Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What to get the hubby for Christmas/Birthday?!

Posted by Melinda C at 11:32 AM
I consider my son and myself lucky, we have birthdays in the summer so our birthdays are nowhere near Christmas.  As a kid, I always felt bad with kids who had birthdays close to Christmas because that would mean that they got fewer presents (in my kid mind, I still don't know if it's actually true!)  As a parent, I'm now glad my son wasn't born anywhere near Christmas-time cause that just means I'd have to spend more money! 

However, my husband's birthday is January 30th.  Even though it's a whole month after Christmas, it's still hard to have enough money to buy him a nice gift.  I torn this year on whether to spend smaller amounts and get him smaller, less important gifts...or whether to pool the money together and buy one big gift.  My big gift options would be 1) a new king size mattress (all three dogs sleep with us, it's a very crowded Queen sized bed)...but this would have to be a gift from both of us to both of us.  2) a new tv for the bedroom (He has been complaining about our small 19 inch tv in the room so I was thinking of getting a 32 inch..they are pretty affordable these days.  3) an xbox (however, I get absolutely no use from this...I mean, it IS a gift for him but, of course, we live together so I'd like to enjoy this present too..plus, he already has a ps3 and with a full time job, a baby, and three dogs who are like three toddlers, he won't get much use out of it anyway!) and 4) an Ipad.

He has been wanting and begging me to let him get an IPad since they came out.  I honestly think he just wants one so he can play games and go online when he's bored at work.  I'm pretty sure he's admitted it in a way but he still claims he'll use it for "other stuff".  I don't know if I'd call looking up sports scores "other stuff".  I'd really love to get him one to make him happy since I know he's sacrificed a lot since having the baby.  We both have but I really don't care about buying new shoes or clothes like he does (You'd think it'd be the opposite, right?).  If the price-tag for an IPad 2 were 200 bucks, I'd happily get him one.  However, they are just way too expensive to justify spending 500 dollars for something that I'm sure he'll only use for "other stuff."

My only option now is to try and win one.  Since I won a stroller, I'm on this high that I can win anything.  Who knows, maybe God will answer my hopes (I feel like praying for something so trivial would be prayer abuse) and let me win so I can surprise my hubby with something so nice.  Then I can still get "us" a nice tv or mattress without having to go without food for an entire month! 

If you'd also like to try your luck, you too can enter to win this IPad 2 or $550 cash giveaway hosted by a number of blogs!  I entered the giveaway with Darcy from Tales of the Nursery.  Here is the link:

Win an IPad 2 or $550 cash!

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