Saturday, October 15, 2011

My house looks like the old west--tumble weeds of hair!

Posted by Melinda C at 7:25 PM
Since I own 5 animals: 2 cats and three dogs, I have a lot of hair floating around my house at all times.  I've given up on wearing black clothing due to the fact that it doesn't matter how much I avoid the animals, their hair is coming with me. 
Having five animals also gives my vacuum and broom a run for their money.  I hate sweeping because the hair either sticks to the bristles and I have to pull it off with my hands, which is pretty gross.  I would use a swiffer sweeper, I love the swiffer in fact, but...I don't like spending all that money on the covers.  I would use microfiber and reuse them but I've learned that the animal hair balls up on them in the washer and dryer and is nearly impossible to get completely off.  I like to vacuum!  However, being a full time student with only a mere part-time job doesn't give me the budget to go out and buy a nice, fancy vacuum.  Instead, I bought a cheap one for 20 bucks on Black Friday 2 years ago.  Well, I'm sad to say that my little tiny Hoover has finally died.  I wasn't too upset since the thing was only 20 bucks and was awful.  The roller motor stopped working and wouldn't suck through the mouthpiece anymore so I had to use the hose to vacuum the rug.  (Imagine how fun that was!)  That lasted for a few months before it finally kicked the bucket recently.  In order to keep my apartment looking clean (okay, sort-of clean..I have three dogs, what do you expect?!), I stole my parents Oreck.  I love it and it works great (and it's only 8lbs!) but it uses bags...going back to the Swiffer dilemma...I do NOT like to throw stuff away, I try to be as green as I can! 

I have wanted a Dyson vacuum for years and years and years.  Ever since our vacuum at work (when I worked at Best Buy) died and we got to use a floor model Dyson to vacuum our floors for closing.  It was great.   I never thought Best Buy's carpets were extremely dirty until that night because it picked up a ton of dirt that the other vacuums did not.  I also loved the ball because it made it super easy to maneuver.  As you can imagine, when I saw a Dyson giveaway on a blog...I flipped out!  I am win my Dyson!  I definitely do not have the moola to buy a new vacuum...except another cheap $20 one.

Here is the giveaway:

I'd say you guys should enter too and maybe you'll win!  Except...nobody is reading this =P.  In my case, that's a good thing because the less competition, the better!


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